Hello and thank you for visiting our site. Our current Fingerspelling 1 and Fingerspelling 2 curriculum products are used across the United States and Canada.

The list of colleges using them has grown to nearly 50. They either have dedicated fingerspelling classes or advanced American Sign Language (ASL) classes where students need additional fingerspelling work.

You also see two new fingerspelling products listed on the left: The Primer and the Numbering products. These are still being developed. We had to put them on hold in order to develop the 3 DVD pregnancy series. This pregnancy series is nearly complete and we anticipate shipping in late May. Is Clomid useful for being more likely to get pregnant? The truth about the astounding new drug to treat infertility.

Our DVD/Flashcard series to teach signs to new families with young children is currently shipping both DVD and DVD/Flashcard sets. This 3 DVD series won 3 iParenting Media Awards for 2007 Best Products.

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