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Shipping & Returns:
We ship using USPS First Class mail service.

We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with your product please return it to us at the address listed below for a complete refund.

Phone: 480-968-7669 (8 to 5 MST)
Fax: 480-998-3627
U.S. Mail: P.O. Box 3093, Tempe, AZ 85281

Curriculum Deskcopies:
Our Teacher's Guides are valuable tools that provide a great deal of value to teacher's and academic departments. The Teacher's Guide sets also include the complete Student Video.

No charge desk copies are not available. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product please return if for a full refund.

Damaged or defective items
Please let us know via email or phone and we will ship you a new replacement at no charge.


1. My DVD won't play in my computer.

Verify sure that your computer has a DVD compatible drive. They look just like a CD drive and it is hard to tell the difference.

Verify that your computer has DVD software. Free DVD player software is available for both PC and Apple hardware from the internet.

If your computer has a DVD drive and also DVD player software but you still can't play the DVD then put the DVD in your home TV/DVD system. If it works then there is a problem with your computer configuration. If it doesn't work then call us. You have a defective DVD and we will replace it.

2. I can't print out any of the material included on the DVD.

Apple's [email protected] allows you to launch web pages and homework files located on your Signs For Intelligence DVD. Follow the instructions below to enable your computer to automatically open the homework, curriculum and web links while viewing the DVD. Otherwise you can manually select the DVD icon on your desktop each time you choose to print materials. Then select either the curriculum or homework file and print the necessary pages.

For a windows XP machine select "Start", "My Computer", "DVD", then double click the DVD drive and you should see the contents of the DVD. Double click the homework.pdf file and print the pages you need.


  • Insert the DVD into the computer
  • Open the DVD so you can view its contents
  • Open the DVDccess folder
  • Run the Installer application ([email protected]) and follow the onscreen instructions
  • Restart your computer


  • Open the DVD player and select the Preferences tab
  • Select the "Disc Setup" tab
  • Check enable DVD access web links

If none of the above solutions enable you to print then go to


The homework will open inside a browser and you can print the pages you need. For the Teacher's Guide print out please call us at 480-968-7669.

Privacy Notice
We treat all customer data confidentially and will not sell it. Credit card transactions are processed using industry standard https security.

Conditions of Use
No products are to be reproduced, copied or otherwise mass produced.

You may distribute or resell Signs For Intelligence, LLC products only with prior permission from Signs For Intelligence, LLC. All products purchased for distribution or resale may only be sold at manufacturers suggested retail price unless other arrangements with Signs For Intelligence, LLC are made.

Without permission from Signs For Intelligence, LLC you may only use our products as an end user customer.

No products are to be reproduced or copied. Attempts to do so violate U.S. copyright laws.

If you are using our products to teach a class then every student in the class is required to purchase a Student Video.

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