Our Team:

Missy Keast - The chocolate addicted founder, was born deaf and is considered the "Shakespeare" of Sign Language. Her clarity and complexity in the use of ASL is unmatched which has led to great success for her college level teaching. In addition to teaching she tells stories at both bookstores and elementary schools. She fine tuned her storytelling skills while touring with the National Theater of the Deaf (NTD) in the 90s.

She has also published a book, "One Day: Our View" which documented the deaf culture with photographs taken around the world during the 24 hours of May 1, 1996. As a result she is internationally recognized and respected by the hearing and deaf sign language community.

Dave Victorson - With a strong technology background, has successfully grown OEM and Channel sales organizations for two software companies, McAfee and SCO. His sign language fluency combined with computer skills enable him to play a unique role in the production of DVDs that require a combination of signing, voice and closed captioning.

Prior to beginning a career in sales Dave was an instructor pilot in the USAF and also founded a clothing company, Sideout Sport, Inc. while a college student.

Signs For Intelligence does not need a rocket scientist but has one anyway. Dave graduated from Cal with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and from U.S.C. with a M.S. in Aerospace Engineering.

Randy Hale, Musician - Is an award winning composer and songwriter. His recent musical, "Songs From The Tall Grass" is currently touring across the United States and enjoyed a successful run at the Ford Theater in Washington, D.C. He has composed for film and television including CBS's critically acclaimed sitcom, Thanks.

He recently completed work for a sixty-piece orchestra for the Disney/Kodak Pavilion at Epcot in Orlando. He was the primary composer for Knowledge Adventure's JUMP-START line, the number-one selling educational software in America and was a contributing composer for Steven Spielberg's CD/Rom, Moviemaker.

The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences nominated Hale for "Best Composer" for his work in this field. Trained as an actor, Hale has appeared on stage in Los Angles and San Francisco and has a recurring role on Lifetime's hit show, Strong Medicine.

Jim Nissen, Designer - Is an entrepreuner who owns Switch Studio. Switch Studio produces the design and layout of nearly 20 magazines each month. Jim has spent a lifetime understanding how design influences consumer behavior.

Switch Studio produces the look and feel of our DVD menus and covers.

Steve Victorson - Steve earned a Doctor of Education from Boston University and has taught a variety of subjects throughout his adult life. Starting in athletics he coached swimming, tennis and skiing where he ultimately became a ski coach for the U.S. Ski Team.

He has also taught math and science in the classroom and is currently a personal health coach and trainer.

With Steve's educational background and hands on teaching/coaching we enjoy a great perspective on how people learn using all their senses.

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