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"Bravo! Your Pregnancy: What to Expect is so informative. I recommend all doctors have a copy of this DVD in their offices to show their deaf and hard of hearing patients. It's also a perfect resource for deaf and hard of hearing high school students."
Marlee Matlin Academy Award winner

"Finally! The world has been waiting for this. This excellent program is extremely educational and wonderfully entertaining, designed not only for mother-to-be but also for a vast audience-students, partners, families, health educators and service providers. Deanne and Missy are charming, articulate and clearly well organized. I just wish I had this DVD years ago when I needed it."
Dr. Roz Rosen
Director National Center on Deafness
Cal State Northridge

"The real truth behind Clomid drug and the side effects. Your Pregnancy: What to Expect is an invaluable source of information for pregnant deaf women. It goes beyond the medical details women need to know and offers practical insights into managing nausea, exercise, what to expect trimester-by-trimester, and more."
Dr. Stephanie Martin
DO, Maternal Fetal medicine Specialist
Banner Desert Hospital

This 3 DVD series co-hosted by Deanne Bray, Star of Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye and Missy Keast guides women through the 9 months of their pregnancy. The entire series is signed in American Sign Language (ASL) and includes subtitles and voiceover. Segmented by trimester DVDs include the chapters listed below. This is the only resource of it's kind completely signed in ASL for pregnant deaf women.

Total viewing time for the series exceeds 7 hours.

Your Responsibilities: What you are responsible for now that you are pregnant and carrying a child inside.

Prenatal Test: What tests you should expect to get once you find out that you are pregnant.

Medical: This is broken into two sections. The first, where Deanne and Missy describe what is happening to your body month by month. The second, where Deanne and Missy describe the evolution of the fetus from conception through birth describing fetus development week by week.

Stages of Labor: A detailed description of your labor stages from start to delivery.

C-section: What is a c-section and why do you need/choose it?

Discomforts of Pregnancy: You will get an idea of what things will not be comfortable for you as you progress through the wonderful 9 month process.

Fetal Movement: This sections describes fetal movements and what is considered normal during the process of your pregnancy.

Fitness: Deanne and Missy demonstrate great exercises to help keep mommy fit and strong through the 9 months period. They also explain the benefits of exercise before and after baby is born. Definitely consult your caregiver before beginning any exercise program while pregnant.

Nutrition: Deanne and Missy share their favorite recipes and how to cook them. This was shot in a professional kitchen at Sur La Table in Scottsdale, AZ.

Girl Talk / FAQ: Deanne and Missy along with more than 20 other pregnant deaf women and mothers share their 9 month experiences with you.

Interpreter Access: Your rights to an interpreter and how to acquire one for every doctor's appointment.

Glossary: Deanne and Missy sign more than 100 terms used during the 9 months of a pregnancy.

Target Market:

This DVD series is a great product for pregnant women and their spouses, teenagers, anyone taking childbirth classes, medical interpreters and hospitals with education departments. We anticipate selling a large number to Deaf schools and agencies that serve the Deaf. There is no product currently produced in ASL that includes subtitles and voiceover with this level of content.

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