Your Pregnant: What to Expect:

Release date late May 2007

This 3 DVD series co-hosted by Deanne Bray, Star of Sue Thomas: F.B. Eye and Missy Keast will guide women through the 9 months of their pregnancy. Segmented by trimester each DVD includes the following sections:

Medical: Deanne and Missy describe the evolution of the fetus from conception through birth and also what should be happening to Mommy at the same time.

Fitness: With the help of a personal trainer, Deanne and Missy demonstrate great exercises to help keep mommy fit and strong through the 9 months period. They also explain the benefits of exercise before and after baby is born.

Nutrition: Deanne and Missy share their favorite recipes and how to cook them. This will be shot in a professional kitchen at Sur La Table in Scottsdale, AZ.

FAQ: 20 common questions signed by a cross section of pregnant women, mothers and women who are trying to get pregnant. The answers are provided by Deanne and Missy.

Girl Talk: Deanne and Missy have a frank discussion about their pregnancy’s and what they experienced during their own 9 months.

Glossary: Deanne and Missy review dozens of terms used during the 9 months of a pregnancy.

Target Market:

This DVD series will be a great product for pregnant women and their spouses, teenagers, anyone taking childbirth classes, medical interpreters and hospitals. We anticipate selling a large number to Deaf schools and agencies that serve the Deaf. There is no product currently produced in ASL with this type of content.

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